Maestro EISA Photo Awards 2017

Amateur Photographer Magazine have done two features on the EISA Awards both showing my portfolio shots.

Having never been a fan of Street Photography I never thought I’d be entering a competition on that subject, yet here I am writing about not only entering but then having great success. Amateur Photographer Magazine runs the UK part of the EISA awards every year, with a different theme set by the EISA committee. This year the theme was Street Photography. Its not a single entry competition but a portfolio of 6-8 images. This for me is much more of a challenge, to have a strong portfolio of 8 images all at a high standard isn’t an easy thing to do. It was tough picking 8 images, for someone that wouldn’t call himself a street photographer it was surprising how may photographs I have that could be classed as street. I say classed as street as for me most “street” photos are pictures of people sitting in coffee shops or outside an office having a fag break. These images are why I’m not a fan of most street photographs in general.

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