Dumbing Down

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I’ve noticed over the last year or so that finding a photograph on social media that makes you stop and really have a second look is getting less frequent.
I’m sure that those special photographs are still being posted yet the amount of mediocre photographs we have to trawl through is growing at a far faster rate.

It’s A Monday Thing

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The popular WexMondays kicks off again next week. Love it or loathe it, your twitter feed is about to get busy. Filled with some very nice photographs from some very talented photographers on the Monday, followed by the controversial shortlist on the Tuesday.

Maestro EISA Photo Awards 2017

Amateur Photographer Magazine have done two features on the EISA Awards both showing my portfolio shots.

Having never been a fan of Street Photography I never thought I’d be entering a competition on that subject, yet here I am writing about not only entering but then having great success. Amateur Photographer Magazine runs the UK part of the EISA awards every year, with a different theme set by the EISA committee. This year the theme was Street Photography. Its not a single entry competition but a portfolio of 6-8 images. This for me is much more of a challenge, to have a strong portfolio of 8 images all at a high standard isn’t an easy thing to do. It was tough picking 8 images, for someone that wouldn’t call himself a street photographer it was surprising how may photographs I have that could be classed as street. I say classed as street as for me most “street” photos are pictures of people sitting in coffee shops or outside an office having a fag break. These images are why I’m not a fan of most street photographs in general.

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