The Limited Ten: Fantômes


I’m kicking my Limited Ten editions off again with this beautiful image of The Eiffel Tower. One of the last places I travels to before the global pandemic rocked the world.

A long exposure of a classic view. I wanted the people to show but not be recognisable. Blurring their movements, making them drift round like ghosts. One of the most visited places in the world its hard to imagine all the different stories that have happened on this spot. I hope Fantômes makes people think of all these ghosts and the memories that could have been here the good times and the bad.

The Limited Ten series took a bit of a break and then COVID hit us all. I’m picking it back up but not with one a month, i’ll release them when I have an image that I feel fits with the others. They are also being released as a series of 10 NFT’s now. There will be 10 printed images of each of The Limited Ten and 10 limited NFT’s of each image too. For those that want to know more about NFT’s feel free to contact me.

The image will be printed on Giclee Fotospeed NST Bright White paper and mounted on a white fine art window mount. The print run will be limited to 10 only and printed 8”x8” (12″x12″ including mount). The price will be £50 including delivery to the UK (£19.95 worldwide shipping fee).
UK customers also have the option to have the image framed in a sleek custom made black frame. The cost of the print, mount and frame delivered will be £90.

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