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Last month I was the lead feature in N-Photo magazine. It was a 12 page feature on fine art architecture with many of my images included.

The N-Photo team and myself put a lot of work into the article. Hopefully some of you got to see the magazine last month (issue 110). I know it’s been hard to get out there and purchase magazines and distribution has also been effected.

The feature talks about Fine Art Architecture and my take on Street Photography, “Urban Geometric Street Photography”. There is also an “how to set up for long exposure architectural photography guide” by myself, hopefully many of you find this useful.

Running In Circles

For those that saw the article I hope you enjoyed the read. Those that haven’t and would like to N-Photo will have copies for sale and they currently have a great offer on until the end of the month. Five issues for £5 https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/springph/
If you can’t find issue 110 (my feature) and would like to see it, please contact me and i’ll see if I can source a copy for you.

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I will be uploading some new images soon to the site. Many can be seen already on my Instagram feed, www.Instagram.com/ts446 As part of the #artistsupportpledge all prints are for sale. They are printed on fine art paper by a small independent printer who’s printing work is the best I’ve see.
UK delivery and photo mounts will currently be included in print prices.

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