Maestro EISA Photo Awards 2017

Amateur Photographer Magazine have done two features on the EISA Awards both showing my portfolio shots.

Having never been a fan of Street Photography I never thought I’d be entering a competition on that subject, yet here I am writing about not only entering but then having great success. Amateur Photographer Magazine runs the UK part of the EISA awards every year, with a different theme set by the EISA committee. This year the theme was Street Photography. Its not a single entry competition but a portfolio of 6-8 images. This for me is much more of a challenge, to have a strong portfolio of 8 images all at a high standard isn’t an easy thing to do. It was tough picking 8 images, for someone that wouldn’t call himself a street photographer it was surprising how may photographs I have that could be classed as street. I say classed as street as for me most “street” photos are pictures of people sitting in coffee shops or outside an office having a fag break. These images are why I’m not a fan of most street photographs in general.

“Emerging” not taken in a coffee shop, nor is it in the 8 that were selected, but its a good example of the street style I try and shoot.

I like to bring more to an image, maybe my street photos don’t tell a story as much as other street photographers but I like to think they incorporate the surroundings more. “Jog On” was an image that didn’t quite make the portfolio of 8 but its a good example of using the slick lines of the sculpture to frame the jogger running through. I instead used a different photograph from this location that I felt was different and more creative than previous photos taken here.

Street, London, Fine Art, Photography, Mono, Monochrome, Black, White, Architecture, “Jog On” One of the images that I decided not to put in my portfolio of 8.

“Pick a Pocket or Two” using street art as a back drop can give good results in street photography. Its often something that I try and incorporate.

When Amateur Photographer announced the top winning portfolios I was delighted to find out I was not only included in the top three but I’d actually won. Amateur Photographer Magazine printed the winning three portfolios in the 22nd of July edition of the magazine, a nice 2 page feature of my photographs. Its always nice seeing your own photographs in print, especially in a magazine like this. Seeing the standard of the two runner up portfolios I was very proud to have won.

My first full feature in Amateur Photographer Magazine.

Winning the competition meant that I was now part of the EISA Maestro completion, where the winning portfolios of 13 different countries are judged by the ESIA committee. The EISA board then pick their top three as the winners. I was thrilled to find out that once again I was one of the winners. This time finishing in second place, between two very strong portfolios. Slawomir Rogowski from Poland with his clever black and white photos coming in third place and Martin Schubert from the Czech Republic with his colourful night shots in first place. More on the EISA Website here:
The three winners were invited to the EISA Awards gala in Berlin to collect their trophies and meet the EISA committee. It really was an honour to be part of their evening and to be on stage collecting a trophy too. It was a wonderful evening of presentations and a magic show in the intervals. This certainly is one of my biggest photography achievements to date, hopefully I’ll get more success like it in the future.
On returning home it was nice to see that Amateur Photographer had done a very nice 6 page feature on the Maestro winners, again having 2 full pages of my images in print with some nice words to go with them.

September 9th issue of Amateur Photographer Magazine done a full feature on the ESIA Maestro Award winners

Finally here are the 8 photos that I put forward as my Street Photography portfolio. It was hard getting it down to eight images but I believe with the success they had it was the correct eight that were chosen. There will be photographs from the awards evening shared on my Facebook page in the coming weeks. They can be seen here: London Fine Art Photography Facebook

This is one of my favourite images taken this year. I couldn’t have staged the spacing and order any better than it was. The wonderful architecture frames the family perfectly and the reflection in the water finishes it off nicely.


Biker Kids
Another image from the same location as Evolution. These two BMX riders were pulling off some amazing tricks on their bikes. Luckily for me they were doing it right infant of a puddle on the floor, creating a nice reflection. Ive since sent a copy of the image to one of the gentlemen in the photo, he was very pleased with it.


A Venetian Shadow
A place that I’ve been wanting to visit for a while, Venice. This image has so much going on, from the lined up pigeons to the reflection of The Church of San Giorgio Maggiore.


A Man About Town
London for me is one of the best cities in the world, so many iconic landmarks. This photo shows the foggy old Tower Bridge in the background with the new, clearer London Mayors Office in the foreground.


Dr. Jekyll
Any street photographer will tell you that interesting people make a better focal subject than your average Joe. This dapper chap couldn’t have been any more perfect for this location, the old Greenwich Foot tunnel.


Table 5
One of the more random images in the portfolio, a table tennis table outside a London office block. A very attractive building with its metallic finish in its own right, add two guys playing ping pong and you have a great photograph.


Walk on the Wild Side
Finding new and interesting compositions at locations is always a challenge. “Jog On” is the easier and more seen framing at this location in London but for me “Walk on the Wild Side” offers a little more.


On Your
No beautiful architecture, no famous landmarks, this street photo is more about the timing. The cyclist going past the cycle lane road markings at the perfect moment.

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