It’s a Monday thing

The popular WexMondays kicks off again next week. Love it or loathe it, your twitter feed is about to get busy. Filled with some very nice photographs from some very talented photographers on the Monday, followed by the controversial shortlist on the Tuesday.
I’ve had some great success over the last couple of years, coming second overall two years in a row. An achievement I’m very proud of. Those that have had success, and even some that haven’t been quite as lucky, will tell you that it’s very tough going. Producing a photograph week in week out that you’re very happy with isn’t easy. Consistency is exactly what this competition is all about.
Along with consistency, understanding the competition is the other main factor in doing well in my opinion. Not getting too downbeat when an entry doesn’t do too well, or as well as you would have hoped. There have been some amazing images that didn’t even make the shortlist. 100+ likes from fellow photographers, yet the one person you need to like it doesn’t choose it for the shortlist. It’s very depressing, demoralising even, yet you can’t dwell on this. After all, it’s one persons opinion and you need to start thinking about next week’s entry!
I did think I had a good understanding of the competition until the final few weeks last year. I then realised it’s not only a competition but it’s also a game. I’ve decided not to play/enter WexMondays this year. I say that now, but I know it will be something I’m going to miss. Not only have I enjoyed entering, it’s also made me improve as a photographer. Pushing myself, wanting to better the photo I took the week before. Competing against some of the top amateur photographers (even some professionals) each week is also something that’s certainly made me improve greatly. I owe a huge thanks to Wex and the talented photographers that enter for helping me become the photographer I am today. So thank you all.

Here are some of my best entries and some of my not so successful entries from last year’s Competition.

Generation X – A great start to last years competition saw this come 2nd

Ye Old London – An unsuccessful entry at the end of January

Ice Age – Back into second place a month later

Evolution – My first winning photo of the year at the end of February

Keeping The Tempo – I only had to wait two weeks for another winning image

LEGO – Didn’t do well, not even making the shortlist

Zebra Building – Getting me my third 2nd of the year

Step on Up – Made the shortlist in May

Escalating Bore – Lugging my laptop all the way to Stockholm wasn’t worth it in the end as this photo didn’t make the shortlist

Aspire – June saw another unsuccessful entry

Take It To The Top – Made it into the shortlist

Fade Away – Did exactly that, scoring no points for the week

Erupture – After getting no points for nearly 2 months it was nice to see this win

Quiet – Not making any sound on the shortlist at all

The Reverend – A image that I thought was better than its 3rd place

Lines – The following week the same story

The Great Escape – Making the top 2

Downs and Up’s – A popular image that only made the shortlist

About Town – Made it up to 2nd in the last week of October

Eleven is the Number – The big 5 making the top 3 in 3rd place

To The Pointless – Far from pointless, getting 2nd place in November maintaining my top spot on the leaderboard

Tube Checkers – Got 2nd, keeping me in 2nd place on the leaderboard early December

Trunk – Wasn’t quite enough to regain top spot on the final week, getting 3rd

Congratulations to all who did well in last year’s WexMondays, especially Neil Burnell who was the only person to finish above me for the second year in a row.
Thanks again for all the likes and comments on my entries throughout the year. I hope you enjoyed viewing the images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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