Chasing The Light

Photography hasn’t really happened this year for me. Mainly due to COVID I’ve not had a real chance of getting out with the camera. Travel is a big part of my photography and not being to or wanting to travel with the current restrictions means I haven’t done so for much longer than I’d have liked.

I’ve been wanting to get out with the camera for a while now, and this week I finally managed to do so. With camera batteries and memory cards both failing on me things didn’t quite go as planned.
I’d planned on getting some photos of the autumn colours in a forest not too far from me. There wasn’t as much colour as I’d been hoping for, a lot of the trees still green. Still plenty to photograph until the equipment issues.

A beautiful sunny autumn day and I was determine to take some photos. So I made the most of the conditions and shot some infrared photos instead.
With patches of light shining through the tree tops I walked around the forest looking for these pockets of light.

Here are a few photos from the wander.

The images are not my usual style or subject, it was fun taking the photos and being creative in the processing. It may be a little project that I continue with, so watch this space.

Thanks for reading and viewing the images.

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