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Long exposure fine art photographs of London, England

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Over and Out
There are many spectacular views in the city of London, some of the best are from the Sky Garden on top of 20 Fenchurch Street. The Walkie Talkie building not only has great views from the top but also impressive views from the bottom looking up to the top. A long exposure London photograph of one of the Cities most impressive buildings.

We are Proud Individuals
We are Proud Individuals
London has some of the best architecture in the world new and old. This long exposure photograph shows iconic architecture such as, The Gherkin and The Walkie Talkie buildings along with the new Cheese Grater building and the famous Tower Bridge with the misty Thames flowing through. Some of London’s best architecture in one photograph.

Standing Tall
Standing Tall
Hosting 4 of the top 5 tallest buildings in The United Kingdom Canada Square has some amazing architecture. The most famous being Canary Wharf, it was the tallest in London for 20 years until The Shard came along. This fine art photograph shows the buildings standing tall with a mirror like reflection in the Blackwall Basin waters.

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Tick Tock
The iconic view of London. In the City of London there are many famous views, is this the most popular?

Castle in the Sky
Castle in the Sky
Standing 309 meters into the London skyline, The Shard really does dominate South London. Designed by Renzo Piano The Shard is the tallest building not only in The United Kingdom but in The European Union. This long exposure photograph has captured the fast moving clouds that surround this modern day castle of the sky. The shimmering Thames trying to reflect the impressive tower as it flows under London Bridge.

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Holy Water
The stunning view of London’s St Paul’s Cathedral from the river bank of The Thames. The iconic building being reflected in to a puddle.

City Bank
City Bank
The impressive skyline of The City hosting The Gherkin, The Leadenhall also known The Cheese-grater and the new Fenchurch Street Walkie Talkie buildings stand along side The Tower of London.

Photograph Architecture City London Fine Art Long Exposure Black White
New Kid on the Block
The Leadenhall Building also known as The Cheesegrater towers high into the London sky. Standing opposite The Lloyds Building and round the corner to The Gherkin this part of the city has some wonderful architecture.

Tower Bridge, London, 2012, Olympics, Thames, Sunset, England, Fine Art, Print , Photo,
Olympic Sunset
As the 2012 Olympics in London came to an end this image became very fitting. With the sunsetting behind the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge. The long exposure brings out fantastic colours in the city sky and The Thames.

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Long John
A long exposure photograph of one of London’s more modern building. The tall standing building in a shimmering silver looks fantastic in the London skyline.

Greenwich, GMT, Navel, College, Royal, Queens, Thames, Black, White, London, Mono,
8.2 Minutes Greenwich Mean Time
The Old Royal Naval College Greenwich South London. A long exposure black and white print of the famous landmark. The photo is taken from the North side of The Thames. The Photo name is given as the photograph was a 8.2 minute exposure.

Dark Side of the City
Dark Side of The City
Canary Wharf and the impressive buildings of Canada Square stand tall reflecting in the wet sand of Bermondsey Beach.

From One Tower to Another
From One Tower to Another
Only one has the word tower in its title but the modern day towering Shard really does dwarf Tower Bridge.

Rockin' City
Rockin’ City
Down on Bermondsey beach The River Thames crashes against the rocks of the shore. The impressive city of London in the background. Iconic buildings such as Tower Bridge, The Gherkin, The Walkie Talking building and The Cheesegrater. An array of impressive architecture. This is my Rockin’ City.

London, Black, White, Photograph, Print, Thames, City, Reflection, St Pauls, Cathedral, Bridge, Fine Art, Photo,
From below the Millennium bridge, looking up to the Heavens above you can see the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral looking back down. The river bank of The Thames is a very photogenic place. One of my favourite places in London.

City London Dock Docklands Basin Blackwall Bank Financial
City Square
Canada Square, the city of London, home of the 4 of the 5 largest buildings in England. Canary Wharf standing tall in the heart. The tall city being reflected in the still waters of Blackwall basin in Docklands.

London, Photography, Print, Photo, City, England, Britain, Architecture, Gherkin, Tower 42, Shard, Leadenhall,
Amongst Giants
The giant modern architecture in The City of London. The huge glass and steel buildings shine in the sunlight. Standing on a rooftop myself i really felt i was amongst giants.

Arches and Domes
Arches and Domes
Blackfriars bridge with the stunning St Paul’s cathedral in the background. The arches of the bridge being lit up by the setting sun and making the cathedral glow.

Golden Gate City
Golden Gate City
Blue hour at The Thames Barrier. Docklands, the city and the O2’s lights sparkle in the dim evening light as the barriers lights glow getting ready for the nights watch.

Jack and the Metal Beanstalk
Jack and the Metal Beanstalk
Two iconic buildings standing tall in the City. The Willis building and The Lloyds building (also known as the inside out building) stand reaching for the sky.

Grey Towers
Grey Towers
The most impressive and most famous bridge in the world still standing tall as a gate to London, Tower Bridge.

London, Architecture, Fine Art, Long Exposure, Black, White, Vauxhall, Thames, Water, Cloud, Building St George,
Sitting on the south side of Vauxhall bridge stand the towering blocks. Looking messing like warriors, they stand over The Thames seeing all that goes on. The moody sky above and the shimmering waters below they look like guardians of the city of London.

In the Inner Dock
In the Inner Dock
Millwall inner dock in docklands. The still water of the dock reflects the city as the evening sun shines off the tall glass buildings.

Doing the Walk
Doing the Walk
Built for the turn of the century as the millennium dome the impressing structure is now owned by media giants O2. Hosting top concerts and offering many forms of entertainment and restaurants, The O2 is a popular venue. You can even walk over the top of it.

London Docklands Black White Long Exposure Fine Art Water Boat
Lord Amory and the City
Lord Amory docked just outside the City of London. The boat sits there in the still waters of The Docklands while the city glows in the background.

Greenwich, London, Long Exposure, Photo, Print, Thames, Royal, Naval, College, Christopher Wren, Architecture,
Wren’s Education
Christopher Wren’s Royal Naval College in Greenwich London. The Royal College first operated as a Naval Hospital before being used for education.

St Paul's Cathedral London Millennium Bridge Thames Black White Long Exposure Fine Art
On The Other Side
The Millennium Bridge stretching over the stunning Thames River to St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Cathedral always seems to be glowing in the London skyline no matter where in the city you are.

Thames London City Canary Wharf Black White Long Exposure Fine Art
My City Protector
The Thames barrier protecting the greatest city in the world. The light shining off the barrier and shimmering in the strong city waters of The Thames. In the distance you can see the impressive buildings of the city that the barrier protects.

Tower Bridge London City Thames Blue
Mr Blue Sky
Tower Bridge glows as the sun shines strongly on its east side. The Thames reflecting the strong blue sky and the tall city buildings catch the light.

Big Ben Westminster Parliament Government Thames Silhouette
The iconic view of London, Big Ben on The Elizabeth Tower. Standing tall reflecting in The Thames. Westminster Bridge stretching across to Parliament. A very iconic photograph of London in a unique Fine Art Photography style.

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