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London Fine Art Photography
Fine art photographs out of the city and into the countryside, landscapes and more

Smock Mill
Smock Mill
One of the oldest windmills of its type in the United Kingdom, Upminster windmill dates back to 1803. Just outside of London but in the heart of the country with amazing landscapes.

Fog, Mist, Country, Landscape, Black, White, Photography, Print,
Misty Morning
A foggy day in the the country. Misty morning is a landscape photograph taken in the country on a very foggy day in Essex. A very peaceful and lonely feeling image.

On Broadway
Oh Broadway
Broadway Tower on the top of Beacon Hill. The iconic tower in the Cotswold country side stands tall overlooking the rest of the country.

Stow, Mill, Windmill, Norfolk, Landscape, In the Country, Countryside, Black, White, Photograph, Print, Photography,
White Sails
The white sails of the restored Stow Mill glow in the low autumn sun. The fantastic windmill can be found in Paston out in the country just off the Norfolk coast.

Landscape Harvest Golden Fields Hay Straw Farm Farmer
A landscape photo of a farmer making the harvest. The golden straw glowing under the summer blue sky. Making a very nice photograph with the weaving line of the farmers combine harvester in the country field.

Moon, Astro, Photography, Blood, Sky, Night, Orange, Red, Eclipse, lunar,
Super Blood Moon
The Super Blood Moon that happened early hours of the 28th September. Not to be seen for another 18 years. The stunning lunar eclipse turns the moon a fantastic glowing blood orange. It really was waiting up all night to be seen.

Landscape, Lighthouse, Photo, Photography, Print, Happisburgh, Norfolk, Black, White, Long Exposure,
Path of Light
In the country looking into the sea, A Path Of Light is shone through the farmers fields leading up too the iconic Lighthouse.

Infrared, Black, White, Wood, Middle-earth, Hobbit, Wood, Landscape, Country, Countryside,
Looking like it could be the home of hobbits or elf’s, the middle-earth infrared photograph has a certain charm.

Windmill, Brighton, Smock, Sussex, Coast, Black, White, Mono, Long Exposure, Rottingdean,
Rottingdean Windmill is an old Smock mill that used to provide for the town below. Very close to Brighton the windmill now stands high on windmill hill overlooking the coast.

Electricity, Power, Pylon, Long Exposure, Black, White, Sky, Country,
Power Lines
As you leave London and head into the country you get to see some fantastic countryside landscapes. Many of the landscapes are ruined with power lines running through. Some power lines can be made to look beautiful and calming.

Moody Chuch, Weeping Willow
Moody Church, Weeping Willow
A church in the Essex countryside is reflected in a local pond. The weeping willow swaying in the breeze and the creepy branches creeping making a very moody scene. A nice landscape in the British country.

Tree, Dead, Oak, Mundon, Essex,Maldon, Forest, Salt, Salted, Woods, Wood, Fine Art, London, Mono, Monochrome, Spooky, Haunting, Haunted, Baron,
The baron landscape of the petrified forest. Deep in the country there was an oak forest that was killed by the salt water and air from the nearby coast. The large dead oak trees have been standing for centuries, apparently mentioned in the doomsday book.

Cotswold, Broadway, Tower, Countryside, Landscape, Photo, Photography, Photograph, Print, Black, White,
A infrared photograph of the famous Broadway Tower over looking the country from the top of Beacon Hill in the Cotswolds. Winterfell is a black and white infrared photograph that makes the green summer grass look bright white and the bright blue sky look a dark moody colour.

Davy Down, Essex, Country, Long exposure, Black, White,
Pump House
In the country sits an old disused pump house. Just outside of London in the heart of marsh land sits an old pump house that was used to pump water from the local area that was prone to flood. The pump house is no longer used.

Snowdonia Snowdon Wales Landscape Country Snow Cold Mountain Hill
Golden Dragons
A cold day in Snowdonia saw the mountains glow gold. The impressive Welsh landscapes you can see from the top of Mt Snowdon really are breathtaking. Wales and Snowdonia has some amazing country views.

Landscape, Country, London, Fog, Mist, Black, White, Photograph, Print,
White Walker
A lonesome walker comes out from the thick fog. The White Walker taken on a very foggy morning in the country.

Horse Sunset Landscape Silhouette Calf Field Red Yellow Orange Glow
Horse Sunset
A horse and its foal walk the landscape as the bright sun sets on a warm summers day. Making the sky glow red this colourful photograph silhouettes the horses making the sky glow bright. Out in the country the sunsets always seem brighter.

River, Water, Flood, House, Crouch, Essex, Mono, White, Black, Stranded, Fine Art, London, Country, High Key, Global Warming, Essex, Storm, Flood,
The stranded little house sits in the middle of the river Crouch. Out in the Country of Essex the rivers seem to be on the rise and roads are being cut off.

Swan Bird Lake Glow Black White majestic Fine Art Dark Reflection Mute
Swan Lake
A Mute Swan, the Royal bird, swims through the dark waters of a lake as the light shines of his bright white feathers. This majestic bird is a lovely sight to see in lakes out in the country.

Mist Fog Sunrise Glow Boat Lake
Misty Sunrise
A loan boat sits completely still on this boating lake as the fog clears and the bright warm sun rises. The water so still, the sun so bright and the mist floating across the lake. Landscape photography in the country really brings some amazing views.

Castle Leeds Kent Moat reflection water
Out in the heart of the country in Kent the small town of Leeds sits. Not known for anything but the impressive castle. Leeds Castle has so much history. The country grounds has some amazing landscapes and a golf course. The moat has boats and mirror like reflections. A really nice place to visit.

Autumn Landscape country leaves trees
Bokeh Trees
Autumn in the country is one of the most colourful times of year. The dead leaves from the trees turning reds and oranges making the landscape vibrant with colour. This photograph of bokeh trees has really brought the attention to the colourful leaves on the ground.

Country, Countryside, Landscape, Infrared, Split tone, Essex,
In The Woods
The creepy looking woods, with the strong white light coming in to the dark woodland. In the country the silence of the forest can be eerie.

Winter Wonderland

Snowdonia Snowdon Wales Snow Winter
Copa Summit
The Copa Summit of Mt Snowdon in Snowdonia Wales. A fantastic landscape below in the heart of the country. The ice and snow at the top, freezing conditions. While below the warm sun breaks through the clouds lighting the valleys.

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