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London Fine Art Photography
Fine Art architectural and street photographs from inside the City of London

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The amazing spiral staircase in The Mayor of London’s office. In The City of London there are some amazing examples of interior architecture, but this has to be one of my favourites.

Space, London, Girl, Tunnel, Vision, Black, White, Print, Fine Art, Photo, Photography,
To Find Another Race
The space age tunnel leading to the new cross rail in London. A very futuristic looking tunnel in the city of London, the woman standing braking the beam of light adds to the photo.

Architecture, Bishops, Square, Black, White, Open, House, London, City, Building, Office,
Looking Up
As part of Open House London, one Bishops Square opened its doors to the public. An attractive modern glass building from the outside but inside is even more impressive. One of the most impressive buildings in the city of London that I found during the Open House event.

London, Architecture, Building, Fine art, Photograph, Print, Angel, London Open House, Open House,
The Little People
The view from the top floor of the Angel Building looking down on the reception area. Its a fantastic building with some great modern architecture. A hidden gem for modern architecture in the city of London.

London, Architecture, Foster, Building, In the City, Toned, Black, White, Gherkin, St Mary Axe, City, Cityscape, Mono, Monochrome,
A Right Pickle
One of London’s most famous buildings. The Gherkin standing tall in The City of London. A real beautiful building.

Tower Poppies
Tower Poppies
To commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the first world war there would be 888,246 ceramic red poppies planted at The Tower of London. Each represented one British or colonial life lost. By the end there would be a sea of red.

Lights are On, but the Power is Off
Lights are On, but the Power is Off
Battersea Power Station, such an iconic building standing next to The Thames. Its currently being developed into flats. This London city landmark will never look the same again.


London, City, Car Park, Spiral, Photograph, Print, Fine Art, England, UK, Black, White, Wex, Infrared, Nikon, D7000, Batman,
Stack Em’
The pipes reach up to the clouds moving over ahead, looking up from the bottom of the pit.

Architecture, London, Canary Wharf, Building, Office, Work, Print, Photo, Photograph, Mono, Black, White, City,
It’s a Long Way to the Top
In the City of London the giant One Canada Square building reaches high into the sky. The office block known as Canary Wharf houses some of the biggest companies in the city. Its a long way to the top, in most of these big companies and to the top of the building for sure.

Smoking Towers
Smoking Towers

London, City, Car Park, Spiral, Photograph, Print, Fine Art, England, UK, Black, White, Wex, Infrared, Nikon, D7000, Batman,
Lazarus Pit
The spiralling car park in the City of London looks just like Lazarus Pit from the Batman film. Standing at the bottom looking up, it really feels like you can’t get out.

Greenwich, Tunnel, Old, Man, Walking stick, Travel, Black, White, Mono, Time Tunnel,
Time Tunnel
Travelling through time in the time tunnel. The Doctor comes up through the cast iron tunnel running below The Thames.

London, Architecture, City, Clouds, Sky, Reflection, Buildings, Cityscape, Black, White, Photo, Print, Photography, Fine Art,
Smoke and Mirrors
Looking up in the City of London, the reflective glass buildings reflect each other and the sky. Smoke and Mirrors is an image of One Bishops Square, a modern office building in the heart of the city.

Bike, London, City, Street, Barbican, Road, Traffic, Mono, Contrast, Cityscape, Sign, Photo, Print, Black, White,
On Your
Timing is everything when photographing in the City. London has some great locations for it, so many possibilities.

London, Tower Bridge, Thames, River, City, Cityscape, Skyline, Storm, Sunrise, Clouds, Mono, Black, White, Photo, Print,
Day Break
The day breaks over The City of London as light fights its way through the huge black clouds. The iconic view of Tower Bridge reaching across The Thames.

London, City, Architecture, Building, Clouds, Black, White, Fine Art, Photography,
Another fantastic building in London’s City. A blocked art decor feel to this one. In the city there are many different buildings, all very unique in their own way.

London, Taxi, Cab, Black, White, England, British, Tunnel, Architecture, Canary Wharf, Mono, Monochrome, City, Cityscape Life, Fine Art,
Getting About
One of the best photograph locations in the City. Canary Wharfs Crossrail tunnel has been photographed many times before. I have a few from here and i love them all. Special in their own way, this one with the classic London Black Cab at the end.

Street, London, Fine Art, Photography, Mono, Monochrome, Black, White, Architecture,
Jog On
A fantastic spot in the city for a bit of street photography. Im not a fan of street photography but if you can get some architecture in the frame too it can work well.

London Tower Bridge Street Night City Black White Glow Lights England Tourist Man Figure
Down by the River
Tower Bridge at night in London. A lone figure stands admiring the stunning view of the iconic Tower Bridge. Possibly taking a photograph on this calm night or maybe waiting for a romantic stroll along The River Thames and into the city.

London St Paul's Cathedral God Reflection
To Second Guess God
St Paul’s Cathedral in London City reflecting in the shop windows. A well placed sign possible would spoil a photograph but in this cace the word guess has made the photo. The reflection of the cathedral is the same as the real thing and the word GUESS repeated in the glass.

London, Open, House, Bishop, Square, Architecture, Office, Building, Bridge, Black, White,
The fabulous internal architecture of One Bishops Square in the City of London. Part of Open House London One Bishops Square opened its doors to the public allowing photographers in to take photos of the amazing office space in the building.

London Fair South Bank Black White Street Art
Hot Chestnuts
Londons South Bank the home to the Christmas fair. A carousel spins as kinds enjoy the ride. A hot chestnut seller prepare the hot snack for when the kids get off the merry of round.

Shard London Thames Architecture Glow Moon Night Black White Fine Art Mist Fog
The Shard, tallest building in London getting lost in the clouds as it reaches for the moon. The misty night saw the bright moon shine through the clouds and light up the top of the impressive building that was submerged in the clouds and fog.

Tower Bridge London Thames City England Icon
Mirror Image
Never have i seen The Thames so still, reflecting the iconic Tower Bridge. The city lights sparkling in the still water. A true icon of London City.

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